Want to Write Better ? Use these tools for Students

Essays can be hard to write and you can need all the help you can get occasionally. The great news is that you can write the best essays you can with plenty of online tools


Grammar uses automated understanding to help you grammar, spellings and style. You can turn it on and use it when writing – something that can be really useful for letters, but you can use grammarly later when you compose an essay.

It’s available online or offline as a Chrome plugin and as a download from MS Office. Grammar can show errors (such as styles of words) but it will also identify instances in which more words are used than you need or where vague languages are used.

As seen above, you can click on a highlighted job to read the grammar suggestion for its correction.


You can always develop your writing skills yourself (write all days) or using something like labs, where you can do several exercises, practise your skills and conquer the block of authors. The majority of the websites provide an engagement with users in every step of the online process.

Paraphrasing Tool

You can try the Paraphrasing Tool to modify a lot of terms with a synonym when you are writing your own essays without more material but it is not special (unfortunately it does). It will take a little longer because every word of your work will be replaced. Try using words that are uniquely remembered. Then read the proposed version carefully and alter only a few words.

Hemingway App

Perhaps you would like to know how others see your writing? You have a solution for old school – make a summary of your work. Or modern online tools like the Hemingway App can be used. You would know which expression is too long or confusing, which word to replace, etc.


There is no greater sin than plagiarism in the writing of essays. Your corporate texts are of course mostly known and already checked, but duplication should be avoided. Try to change parts of the text you take from certain resources.

Again, you can use some supportive online resources that show you the specific percentage. PlagTracker tests if the job is original and special and fixes punctuation errors and other write problems. Some of the same resources provide writing services such as those previously mentioned.


Some examples can be investigated or experts can be asked for support. Hundreds of websites can be found (some of them may be free), which have large essay libraries or have a few experts who can help with your work or even compose a complete text you need. You just have to pick your own subject or something similar.

Please be informed that we don’t advise you to copy them, no one wants to cheat them! It is necessary, in your own words, to write an essay and use your own unique style, as this would not be original. But you can not check any samples or take some details or evidence, but we must all finally know how to make steel-like performers. EssayYoda skilled writers will assist you through unique and effective text content.

Thesis Generator

A thesis is one of the most critical aspects of the essay, with any student experiencing challenges while dealing with them. Since it’s not just a job schedule or a timetable, it’s really complicated. However, by using online software you can arrange it. The generator of this thesis needs your topic, viewpoint, key concept, a few, but powerful reasons, an opposing view and a potential title for your opinion. The website will produce some theses for you until all of this information is given. You can leave it as it is, or change one as you wish – it is up to you. You have built one.

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