Microsoft Teams: Change background to be more attractive

Bored of seeing the back wall you look at in every meeting of the teams? Glorious day and would like you to get the impression that you are on a wonderful sandy beach or maybe on the moon? Perhaps your office is dirty and after a conference you want to hide it. I know you really can’t do those stuff at the moment, but I can teach you how to at least make it look as if you’re wonderful, not just in your office.

Check if you can use custom backgrounds

Made sure you have an application built on Microsoft Teams. You would not be able to use custom backgrounds whether you are utilising the web application or mobile. This is available for free from here: Microsoft Teams.

Use the standard backgrounds

Step 1: Join the conference. You should use your planner to enter the meeting to press on it.

Screenshot of Joining a Meeting in Microsoft Teams.

Step 2: The input selection display will show and you will see the context effects turn in the centre of the selection bar. Tap this. Tap on it.

Screenshot of the background effects toggle in Microsoft Teams.

Step 3: A list will be rendered on the right hand side that provides you with various defaults, such as sky-lines, video game backgrounds and beach layouts.

Screenshot of the background settings in Microsoft Teams.

You can still opt to obscure the backdrop if you’ve got someone you can see behind you, such as the family or pets. Choose which of the personalities is best.

Using your own custom background

Don’t you like some of the backgrounds? Well, let’s show you how personalised contexts can be developed.

The measures are the same as before, except this time select the top Add new range instead of selecting the context.

Screenshot of the 'add new' button for the background settings in Microsoft Teams.

Before you can upload your file, there are some properties you must know.

  • A minimum of 360 pixels per 360 pixels is needed.
  • Up to 2048 pixels may be the limit of the graphic.
  • This image should be a. JPEG,. PNG or. BMP format.

Using a picture of Landscape over a portrait type picture to achieve the best results.
This means you can edit the frame, or you can import several pictures directly from the Microsoft web. You just need to search the image parameters of any image editing applications when you import from an external website.

But now you’ve got a different history for yourself. I know that we’re operating now in moments where you can’t see further than your own home, so that’s at least one way of literally shifting the landscape. Do not forget to find a backdrop which best reflects you, but only if it is the time to do it.