The Hidden Agenda of the Importance of our Feet

More than 50 bones, 60 joints and more than 200 muscles are located on our two feet. It plays a role in building a solid secure base that makes many of the repeated physical demands of our everyday lives easier. We walk, run, move, dance our feet are all helped a lot. Only you will know how helpful and completely functional feet are until you have a sore foot.

Many neglect their feet simply by preferring footwear comfort and fashion help. Your 6-inch stiletto can look great, but realistically, your toes are so close they are almost addictive and you want to secretly wear sneakers to work.

It is often shocking that people learn that their feet can play a role in developing lower limb lesion, especially excessive injuries to their knees, brilliance and even to their hip and pelvic. Assessing and remedying biomechanical problems may be a significant factor to treat such injuries and it would not be rare for me to practice reinforcement of the foot or knee in a customer with knee or knee pain recovery programme.

The fitness and the satisfaction of your feet is an expenditure worthwhile, and everyone can do some very easy things

  • Purchase decent shoes first. The best money you ever spend on good supporting shoes definitely, particularly if you spend a lot of time every day on your feet. I will recommend that you wear a particular shoe for your sport when it comes to sport and training. Cross-training shoes, football boots, track shoes for track, cross-training shoes. And high heels what about? For a few times a year I still want to wear the thick chunky heels or wedges, I’m more like a girl sneaker!
  • Healthy foot sanitation activities. Cut the toenails, keep the feet nice and dry between your toes (pleasure a day in wet socks and you will know why it is important).
  • Regularly stretch your feet and massage them. Recall how many joints and muscles are there and be conscious how hard they work each day. Reward them. Reward them. Reward them. It takes less than five minutes and is likely to be a favourite practise in self-care. Get a trigger ball, take off your shoes, put the ball on the ground and stand on it. If this is what you can find, take it out. Roll the ball down to your toes and down to the heel through your arch. Paused at more sensitive spots, it should be intense but not painful, if you want to too, just place as much pressure as you can bear! All you need is 2 minutes per side every day. You can also use the trigger ball through your calf if you have a little extra time and add it to some stretches of this field because these muscles are necessary for feet to work.
  • If you just want to spoil yourself, get occasionally a foot massage!

I highly recommended that you decide whether you are from a physiotherapist, or a podiatrist if there is any pain in your feet. Our feet are very striking, and we should not take them as a matter of course.